June 4 (Wednesday): GO at Café Condecco UPDATE!!!


Sorry guys, I have an unexpected customer meeting that I have to take this morning as well as another one after lunch. Therefore I unfortunately can’t be at Condecco from 10.30 onwards. I will try to come in anyway but am not sure exactly when.

However, You are very welcome to still go and work from there!!

To make it easier to spot each other, why don’t you meet up at the top floor in the purple sofas that you can see on the picture below (the one on the right side!). Don’t be shy and try to talk to people you see with a computer. Maybe they are there for Guerrilla Office too. 😉

Apologies again but you know how it sometimes is…




Hi all,

this week we’re meeting at Café Condecco, Östra Hamngatan (next to NK). We meet at 10.30 as usual. I will be there until lunchtime at least. Everyone can stay as long as they like!

This (despite its pretty gigantic size) really cozy coffee place is located right in the heart of Gothenburg. We will sit wherever there’s space. So look for the Guerrilla Office sign to spot me/us. If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to call or text me!

Be aware: They are big fans of air conditioning here so bring a sweater or something else to keep you warm… 😉

Come and join me!

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Condecco 57.705254, 11.969107

You wanna start something? Lets GO!

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