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Interested in organizing Guerilla Office?

Interested in organizing Guerilla Office in your area?GO - your city

We need Generals to organize the troops.  They lead co-working sessions and organize workshops.  They facilitate meetings, help people find the resources they need, and act as a mentor.  Generals make sure that members of the GO community are connected with the right people.

Generals are chosen for their mature network of contacts, their deep knowledge of entrepreneurship and business, and their drive to guide individuals and startups rapidly to the next stage of their growth.  They are people who are excited by all the good ideas out there and they want to see those ideas reach their potential.

Being a Guerrilla Office General puts you in position to support the entrepreneurship community that supports you.  Your expertise and your network is a valuable resource to new enterprises, and by sharing that resource, you will be in a position to support amazing ideas at their early stages. You can gain visibility for your own business and influence the local entrepreneurship culture.

Drop us a line and tell us who you are and where you want to get started!