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Guerillas are a creative disruption force. When they believe in what they’re doing, they make it happen. They work together, they use what they can find, and they create change.

Our main activity is running a coworking group that attracts entrepreneurs and other creative workers.  We take care of scouting inspiring (and practical) locations, contacting them and making sure that they provide some basic needs: place to sit, power outlets and WIFI. Anyone is welcome to join us. There are no fees, but please RSVP at our Meetup group (search for the Meetup group in your city).

Soon we are launching a startup production studio to give more concrete support to people who want to take their projects further. Our plan is to recruit a large group of people who want to work in startups but don’t have their own established projects yet, as well as a few startup projects that are ready for rapid acceleration. We will create collaboration and facilitate project-based learning, in order to give early stage projects and developing entrepreneurs what they need to get ready for their next stage.

Our website always contains up-to-date information about the next event. Bring your work and your positive attitude, and we’ll welcome you to the group. You will find other interesting and driven people just like you that you can inspire or get inspired by, someone to have lunch with or your next business partner!