11 Nov: GO event at Wasa Konditor in Örebro


Welcome to Guerrilla office in Örebro on tuesday the 11:th of November at Vasa Konditori #goorebro

Workday is between 10:00 and 17:00 and you are welcome to join!

Official tags: #guerillaoffice #GOOrebro

Come and be part of the revolution in office, join us at Guerilla Office!

Guerilla Office is an office away from home, an office for the officeless and professional nomad. We meet up at different locations and work. Everyone does their own thing, but with the addition that you are not alone, you now have colleagues around you that you can interact with, if you want. Stay the whole day, or part of it. It is free and no commitment necessary, we want you to be productive and have a great day!


You wanna start something? Lets GO!

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