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What would an office look like if it were created today?

That was the question we asked ourselves when we set out to create Guerilla Office. We invited entrepreneurs and creatives to work together in different locations around the city: in hotel lounges, in coffee shops, in parks; basically everywhere we could find an inspiring place. 

This quickly grew to a more organized form of meeting, a weekly occurrence where all sorts of people joined up to share experiences and work together. Guerilla Office grew in popularity and expanded from one city to many cities, from one country to many countries.

Next we set out to create our own take on incubators. We call it Bootstrap Factory, and if you liken an ordinary incubator to a gym, then we’re more like a PT. We focus on the team and their needs and build from there.

Guerilla Office now exists in many places around the world, but one thing has stayed consistent: we are all about the physical space and meeting, if you want a place to sit and work, join us!

We are the office of the future!


We're working on our solution that will be launched soon, but until then we're using various tools to get people together.

our motto

"Be Actively Nice" 

We offer the whole city to the portable professionals, sit and work everywhere!

Places all over the world

Guerilla Office takes place at great locations all over the world and everyone is welcome to join.

Partner locations

 At our partner locations we can offer something extra, like access to 3D printer, discount on lunch and coffee, meeting rooms etc.
These locations are tried and tested by our colleagues and are scattered all over the world.

Nearest location

A new service coming soon that finds the nearest locations around you where you can sit and work. Sign up here to be the first to know when we launch it.

The ”Guerilla” part of the name refers to our early start, when we ”invaded” a space and turned it into an office. We’ve come a long way since those early days, we now have partner locations where we can offer something extra, from access to 3D printer, discount on lunch and coffee, to meeting rooms and more.

But the core idea is still the same: just drop in and start working!


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Guerilla Office was created to give name to a movement, a change in the way people work that started with the internet, laptops and wifi. It is the name of a place, a place that can be everywhere, a place where you get stuff done, where work happens and meetings occur.

Guerilla Office is a place, a place where work gets done. It’s not anti-office, it’s not anti anything actually. It's pro pretty much everything that helps you be creative and accomplish your goals and tasks.

We do firmly believe that the workplace is changing, in the near future everyone will be working on a more flexible basis, the 9-5 office will look different. It will not go away, but it will give the option people to create a different reality.